Why Men Cheat…the answer revealed!!!

The question we women ask ourselves.  Ladies, have you ever been cheated on?  I have.  My friends have.  It’s not a nice feeling. 

There are ways of cheating.  Some men cheat with their eyes…staring lasciviously at another woman whether in front of you or when you’re not around.  Other men cheat emotionally, (like they even have emotions? lol) by consulting women and taking advice from other women; at least it starts out that way.  Before you know it, the man becomes emotionally entangled with this other woman, looking to her for guidance, telling her about the problems he has with you.  Then she sends him her little subliminal messages about how she would NEVER treat him the way you treat him and how she would be more flexible and understanding than you, the rigid and evil girlfriend/wife would ever be…uh yea.

Then there is the full-blown cheating.  The dates, the sex, the phone calls, the text messages and receipts for negligees that are NOT in your closet.  How do you know if your man is cheating on you?  Sometimes there are signals.  Sometimes the signals are so small you don’t even detect them.  A guilty conscience can make a person behave in a way you’d never imagine.  Some men have no remorse and for them, cheating is the norm, so you may really have to try to figure those out.  Um…have fun.

***I warn you, if you don’t like what I say, do not comment stupid remarks.  If you are going to contradict or challenge whatever I say, you shouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place and if you do comment, I will delete it.***

*He might zone you out

Let’s face it, men don’t speak.  They always zone us out.  They’re not walls though.  If you know him well enough to know the way he is…(he is a motor mouth and suddenly he stopped talking, he is quiet but attentive and he suddenly stopped being attentive etc…) if you see a change in his usual behavior, the alarms should go off.  Mind you, we must make allowances for stress and other factors that change our behavior.  You can’t just jump to the conclusion that your man is cheating if something changes.  Usually, though, one of the signs could be his attention span towards you changes.  Even being a man of little words, if you see that he completely blocks you out of his consciousness, that’s a bad sign.  Not in every case, but in many.

*He might be repulsed by you

Obviously, if he’s getting his needs filled by someone else, he doesn’t need you in that department.  So he will not touch you.  He may acknowledge you.  He may even tell you that you’re beautiful (maybe to appease your suspicions), but he will not “act” on what he says.  He may not even want to be in the same room with you.  If you’re married and he thought nothing of quickly changing his clothes in front of you, and he suddenly stops that…RED FLAG!!!!!!!  He is avoiding ANY chances of an “encounter” with you.  Also, he may push you away if you “try something”. 

(Again, let’s remember if he is suddenly insecure over a change in his body, or there’s a health issue that is affecting his physical relationship with you, that’s a different story.)

He may even react with violence toward you.  A simple question may provoke a fit of rage.  What was once tender, is now aggressive.

Even the way he looks at you may change.  He may curl up his lip now, or keep his head up or down to avoid contact.  Bad bad bad.

*He might even spoil you – in his own twisted way

Like I said before, guilt can make you do strange things.  He may feel so guilty that he will obligate himself to buy you gifts and if he was never one to get you gifts out of nowhere…be afraid.  (Once again, this is not always the case, if there is a change in situation, he may feel moved to get you a gift out of nowhere, so just be observant.)  Of course the gifts will be meaningless.  They won’t have that same poetic romantic introduction before he presents them to you like before.  He might just take you to the mall and say “want a coat?”  Like who’s going to say no to a new coat or a pair of shoes?  He might even get you flowers or start heating up you car in the morning. 

The point is, any changes in his behavior may be a bad sign.  Alright, now that we’ve covered some of the probable signs, let’s talk about WHY men do it.  

*No love- for anyone; no conscience, no morals, no values, no sense of responsibility…

People who do not love are probably the most selfish people in the world.  I am  making an exception for people who were raised with no love and therefore do not really know how to love.  But there are some who have had everything given to them in the palm of their hand, spoiled rotten, and some of these people have no love for anyone.  Love is something you have to GIVE, and people like that are only used to things being GIVEN TO THEM, not the other way around.  This all stems back to “daddy I want this toy” and “daddy I just gotta have that car,” and it’s given to him.  After a week of playing with the toy and racing the car, the fever is gone and he wants another “toy”.  Why?  Because he knows he will get it!!!  He will manipulate his parents or friends or YOU into getting it for him.  The cheating man may have gotten you by deceiving you into believing that he loved you.  Why?  Because he saw an opportunity to conquer someone.  He liked the challenge, but now that he has you, he has lost interest and wants to make another conquest.  Plus the thought of doing something naughty at the risk of getting caught might just add to his sick adrenaline rush.  The cycle goes on and on due to his upbringing and associations.  Disgusting.  A person like that has no love for God, his family, or you…and the biggest shock: he doesn’t even have love for himself; although in his warped mind, he thinks he does.  He has no conscience or sense of responsibility if he was brought up where all decisions were made for him and everything was given to him, this part of his mind never needed to develop.  He takes responsibility for nothing.  He loves nothing or no one.  He has no values or morals.  It’s all about him…him…him.

In short, the man who cheats, cheats because

                 HE IS STUPID! 

**with a few changes here and there, this information can be applied to women who cheat as well


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