I always loved jewelry.  Jewelry was like chocolate for me.  Any time I would feel down, it was time to hit the store and buy some jewelry. I have been making jewelry since…um, I wanna say since July of 2010.  I was under circumstances that were a little difficult for me, so instead of misbehaving like I was doing before, I needed to get into something constructive. 

My Family Tree

All my life, I’ve been surrounded by crafty women.  My grandmother on my father’s side can sew without using patterns; elaborate dresses or bed spreads.  My grandmother on my mother’s side is a great seamstress in her own right as well.  My aunt started scrapbooking.  *sigh*  My mother can do anything.  I mean…anything.  She can sew, but she can go so much more beyond that.  She used to make me the most beautiful dresses when I was little.  Well done dresses; not that kind that you pull a loose thread and it all comes apart, like I’ve seen happen to other people.  LOL  She takes decorating to another level.  If she can’t find matching lamp shades, she will paint on them the same design to match your bed set…just by looking at it.  It will look like it came with the set.  She can make signs.  She used to decorate photo albums, covering them in fabric and laces and ribbon back when that was big.  She’s always embarking on a new project to keep her mind stimulated.  Now she is customizing all her metal furniture accents, painting them a nice color instead of that boring typical metallic silver.  Sew this, glue that, make this, improve that and the list goes on…and on…and on and I’m not exaggerating.  She’s phenomenal.  The ideas that occur to her to make things pretty amaze me.  I find myself saying “why didn’t I think of that?”  She’s very creative. 

Then there’s my cousin.  Somehow the genes cross-wired and she has that “creative gene.”  She knits among other things.  She has made jewelry before too.  She decorates.  She’s resourceful and talented. 

Then there’s me.  BORING!!!  My mom’s eyes would light up at the sight of a dress she could make or something she could do.  I wish I could bring myself to understand the light in her eyes when she would face a new “craft challenge”.  I envied these crafty women in my life because they had this wonderful sense of purpose and accomplishment.  Considering the things I was going through, I wanted to experience those nice feelings toward myself as well.  I needed to.  Crafts would never occur to me.  I guess since my mom and grandmas were so crafty, I never needed to become crafty.  They did all the thinking for me.  🙂 

The Day

photo taken from google images

I would go with my mom to craft stores just as an excuse to get out of the house.  I’d be in the craft store counting down the minutes or maybe in the toy section…don’t ask.  LOL…I’d sit at the table with the magazines and thumb through them.  Then one day…

As I was wandering aimlessly through a craft store, I passed an aisle.  I took some steps back and went through the aisle.  Jewelry??  “How do you make jewelry?  This looks interesting,” I thought.  The more I looked at the samples and pictures and supplies, my heart skipped a beat.  I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself, so I bought a thin book on basic jewelry making techniques.  I took it home and devoured it.  (This coming from someone who is not very keen on reading)  The techniques, strategies, the pictures, the well explained steps made me feel like I could do this!  I finally discovered my calling!  🙂

My Competitive Side vs My Sisterhood Side

Let’s face it, we all have a competitive side.  I could never compete with my mom or the other crafty women of my family.  I knew I never had a chance, but I got excited at the thought of finally joining the sisterhood of crafty women in my family.  Even then, I never, not in a million years would have considered myself crafty.  It was great to perhaps have a talent.  Sewing, knitting, painting, scrapbooking, decorating; now there was a new branch in the family- jewelry!  And the jeweler is ME!!!  But once again, I needed to continue to educate myself to make sure this craft was “doable” for little old me. 

Photo taken from google images

The more I read up and learned, the more I knew I could embrace this craft.  Then something threw me over the edge- my competitive side.  There were these women showing off their business cards.  They were acting like the things they made were the biggest thing since sliced bread.  They got me so curious, I went onto their online shop to see their products.  They didn’t impress me.  Their works were…bland I guess.  Yet, they made such a big deal over their little hair bows that my mother could make with her toes, blindfolded and comatose.  Really.  Some of the jewelry pieces looked made, if you get me.  They didn’t have a professional look to them.  It wasn’t “hey did you make that or did you buy it?”  It was more like “you made that?  Yea I can tell.”  HAHAHA Sorry to be so vicious!  Certain pieces do call for a “home made” look but not all, come on! 

Anyway, after going home and tearing up their business cards, I told my mother how she could EASILY have her own shop since she could do anything, while this other person has a lame shop of silly hair bows and sashes that we could make with our eyes closed. That was it.  I started buying my supplies and never looked back.  I made crappy bracelets in the beginning but practice makes perfect.  There is always something new to get into and I love to keep my mind stimulated.  I have finally come to understand that light my mom gets in her eyes because I get it too. 

the first bracelet I ever made

pink set I made from a jewelry kitI made this for my mom

green pearls set I made

Some people say I’m crafty.  I still wince a little, not because I’m offended but because it’s a title that gives me an honor that I don’t find myself worthy of yet especially considering the line of women in my family.  But I’m glad I finally discovered my gift and I now have that sense of purpose and accomplishment I needed so much. 

Thank you to the women of my family, especially my dear mom for being such an inspiration to me.  My mom and cousin have empowered me beyond measure and have encouraged me so much.  I love you guys.  ❤


5 thoughts on “Crafty?……me???

  1. Ahh…the creative gene…I always knew it was dormant and it would erupt one day. This girl is ridiculously talented. I should know…I have the privilage of modeling her best creations.

  2. Beautiful pieces (except for the first bracelet, sorry :-()
    Yes, I was bitten by jewelritis at a very young age. My mom was a total fanatic and I’ve inherited some truly remarkable treasures – semi-precious stones and heirloom bobbles are my fav and your pieces – smashing. Nice eye.

    And thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is nice to make your acquaintance. -Nikki

    • hahaha Why thank you, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well. Oh yea that was the first piece of jewelry I ever made, so naturally it wasn’t “all that”. I was going for a “skater/punk rocker” look LOL. Thanks for the kind words, I can’t wait for your next post!

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