Button Stud Earrings!!!

Hello crafty bloggers and hello non-crafty bloggers!  I made an adorable pair of stud earrings the other day and I’d love to share with you how I made them so you can make your own! You’ll be laughing when you see how ridiculously simple it is!


Pretty buttons of your choice
Earring backs – available at any craft store
Pliers – flat chain nosed or flush cutters, whichever takes your fancy.


Begin by removing the loop from the button (the part that the thread goes through) with your choice of pliers.  Try to get the back surface as flat as you can.


Next, glue the earring back onto the back surface of the button.  Then let the new earrings sit for a few hours. I usually let them sit overnight. A helpful tip: if the button is faceted or circular, it will obviously wobble when it stands, then the glue will shift to one side and dry that way thus causing an embarrassment when it falls off in public lol.  To avoid this disaster, prop up the earrings somewhere so that they are straight, then the glue will dry and adhere evenly.


Once dry, try gently pulling at the earrings to make sure they adhered properly. If they’re truly dry, sweep your hair back and show off your delicate and stylish studs!




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