THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY: Effortless Beauty – Part I: Why I love Ingrid Bergman

Some women just have it.  Some women have to make an effort.  What am I talking about?  Sex appeal- the long voluminous hair, fitted pants hugging voluptuous curves, high heels giving the female body height and grace.  Then there are the more intricate strategies such as eye makeup contouring the eyes making them look sensual, possibly even false eye lashes to accomplish the look.  Then there’s the red pouty lips achieved by red lipstick or even by surgical means.  Then some women go even further by staring at themselves in the mirror and studying their facial expressions, body motions and demeanor.  They alter the way they walk, switching their hips side to side mimicking a pendulum.  They will blink their eyes in a certain way to accentuate their faux lashes or heavily applied eye shadow.  They will maintain a hypnotic look in their eyes in an attempt to mesmerize any man that looks into them.  They will turn their heads in a way that makes their hair bounce; they will pucker up their lips while they talk, smile, yawn, or cry.  These are women, who whether they genuinely look as good as they think or not, live their lives in a constant pose.  They are “camera ready” and never live a relaxed moment.  They live life not breathing due to holding in their midsection.  They happily endure back pain forcing their posture to exaggerate their bodily assets.  The goal of these women is to ooze sensuality.  Whether they reach their goal or not…is a different story. 

However, should there be limits?

Sadly, the generation in which we live now synonymizes beauty and sexiness with nudity.  Is it truly necessary to be naked or half naked to be beautiful and sexy?  Is their a time frame for certain styles to evolve into different styles?  This series of posts will use famous people as examples of how timeless their iconic beauty can be OR how ridiculous and trashy they can become.  I know some people may get mad at what I write since I may use their favorite actresses as bad examples, but remember Freedom of Speech, and this is my opinion.  If you disagree, that’s what the X button at the top right hand side of the screen is for.  Do not bother commenting.  It will be deleted.  Now to begin.


Here is Ingrid Bergman looking beautiful in the movie Notorious.  Is she strutting around half naked?  No.  Actually she is very modestly dressed, with a jacket and a hat.  Does she have a lascivious or inviting look on her face?  No, she looks quite serious, almost worried and nervous.  So how is it that she manages to look amazing in this shot?  Is it the way her eyes are positioned?  Is it the dark lipstick?  All are possibilities.  The point is she’s working with what she has- Full lips (that are not force puckered out), smooth skin, and the mystery behind the hat.  Did you notice my choice of words?   Mystery!  She is leaving everything to the imagination which is something that nudity, tight fitting clothes and lustful facial expressions do not accomplish.  Yet that’s all around us nowadays. 


Here is Ingrid Bergman again in the movie Notorious.  If you can tear your eyes away from the dazzling earrings she’s wearing, notice that (if you saw the movie, you’d know) she is fully clothed in a modest dress in this scene, her eye brows are natural and her hair is pinned back.  No deliberate hair bouncing here!  Does she have a hypnotic stare?  Not really, she’s just having a conversation.  Her eyes don’t look inviting, she looks concerned actually.  Yet you can’t help being captivated by her natural beauty…and those earrings!!!  Still don’t believe me?  Continue reading…


Here is Ingrid Bergman in the movie Spellbound.  Her character is a psychiatrist who is treating a man who is mentally ill.  No time for sexiness here!  Her hair is pinned back, her eye brows are natural, and she has a pale natural lipstick on.  As if that wasn’t enough to suppress beauty, she is wearing unflattering glasses and a lab coat!  She fits the part as a dedicated doctor who is everything BUT vain about her appearance.  So how does she manage to look spectacular in this picture?  BECAUSE SHE IS NOT TRYING!!  Seriously, she’s not trying to be sexy.  Had she put more makeup on, let her hair down, altered the waist line of her lab coat, and sat in a seductive pose playing with her glasses, she would have been trying.  Kind of like Ana de la Reguera in Nacho Libre:


Since when are their dresses fitted like that around the waist?

See what I mean?  Trying too hard.  Pathetic.

Ladies, be real, accept your flaws and work with what you have.  Don’t try so hard.  Looking like a prostitute will get you treated like a prostitute.  Don’t demean yourselves.  There’s nothing wrong with makeup and styling your hair and wearing nice clothes and having a nice body, but when you obsess over getting attention from the opposite sex and competing with other women, it’s not healthy.  Be beautiful and be yourselves, like Ingrid Bergman.  Stay tuned for Part II of The Evolution of Sexy. 


2 thoughts on “THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY: Effortless Beauty – Part I: Why I love Ingrid Bergman

  1. Awesome blog!! I knew of someone who used to do the “sexy” when she was young, got the wrong attention, changed her ways and began to dress modestly (suits, mostly). One day, she wore a fitted dress, (only fitted, not tight) and a few friends were surprised and told her, “Wow, I didn’t know you had curves like that, you’ve been hiding all that?” And she said, “Well, find out. I like to leave something to the imagination. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it has to be shown.” BTW, some of the friends that took notice were males too.
    I can’t wait for part two of this amazing blog!! LOL

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