THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY: Ridiculous Beauty- Part II: The Sleazy, The Trashy and The Ugly; And Why I Love Helen Mirren

In my last THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY post I discussed how modest dress and discreet behavior can be beautiful and sexy.  The importance of mystery and leaving things to the imagination was emphasized.  What happens when women do not apply this and follow the examples of Hollywood celebrities?  What happens when visibly aging women try to dress young and flaunt their “preserved” figures?  What happens when women let it all hang out (literally) and gravity is not on their side?  What happens when too much makeup is applied?  How much is too much?  How old is too old? 

The answer lies in one word: balance.  Is it wrong to age?  No!  It’s natural!  Is it wrong for older women to look stunning?  Absolutely not!  However it matters how she makes herself stunning.  Is a 20 year old a 20 year old forever?  No, so don’t try to be 20 when you’re in your forties, fifties, sixties and seventies.  What would you do if your grandmother teased and dyed her hair red, applied way too much makeup, had nails from here to California, wore tight dresses, high heels and carried herself like an offering for men?  What if she got surgery done and most of her body was fake?  Would you feel proud of her?  Would you think she looks amazing?  Would you want to crawl under a rock and hope no one realizes you’re related? 

Take Sophia Loren:


She is obviously young here.  She is wearing very heavy eye makeup.  Her eye lashes look extremely long and lovely.  Her eyebrows are meticulously done.  Her hair is for the most part slick back.  She looks great in this picture. 

But now:


The makeup is excessive and she looks like a clown.  It does not look like she is embracing her age.  It looks like she refuses to accept it.  I mean, don’t you think she could have chosen a wig that is a more natural color considering she’s in her seventies in this picture?  Oh yes, I love how the caked on eye shadow gets lumped up between the folds of her eye wrinkles and I would just die for those praying mantis lashes!  She’s trying too hard.

Not enough for you?  Scroll down…


I got this picture from an article where she was praised for looking fabulous in her seventies.  Really?  So it’s fabulous to have your chest parts peeking out of your dress at age 70?  So she has a nice figure…don’t most people in Hollywood?  There’s nothing special about that. It’s easy to keep your figure when you can $ afford $ to.  (You know exactly what I’m talking about.)  This picture is kind of an oxymoron- tight dress and a young body with granny glasses and a wig. (Maybe they’re not granny glasses, but she sure makes them look like granny glasses)  She’s trying waayyyyy too hard.  Even the look on her face seems like she’s needy for attention.  Ridiculous and disastrous. 

I am not saying grandmothers belong on rocking chairs knitting, they can look wonderful too.  This is where evolution of sexy comes in.  The word “sexy” evolves into “elegance,” “timeless” and “ageless beauty.”  My next segment in this series will discuss someone who in my opinion is the epitome of ageless beauty.  In the meantime, here is another example of elegant-sexy for women of mature years. 

Dame Helen Mirren:


Notice how the makeup is not excessive.  Her hair is natural, perhaps somewhat enhanced color but it is subtle.  She dresses herself up with elegant jewelry.  Effortless and timeless.


HM is ravishing in this dress.  She has no “parts” hanging out and the dress is not tight, just fitted.  Does the dress hide her gorgeous curves?  By no means!  Does she look like she’s trying too hard?  Absolutely not, she’s all ease and glamour.  Nothing trashy here.


Notice how she embraces the white hair…and how fabulous it looks on her!  No over-dying, no colored wigs, no point to prove.  She knows that grey/white hair is beautiful.  She’s showing some cleavage here, but that’s all.  Nothing is dangling out of her dress.  She is applying the “less is more” principle.  She looks amazing. 


Well done, Helen.  That’s how you embrace age- with dignity, poise, pride, elegance and grace.  Speaking of “grace,” stay tuned for my next and possibly last segment of The Evolution of Sexy.


5 thoughts on “THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY: Ridiculous Beauty- Part II: The Sleazy, The Trashy and The Ugly; And Why I Love Helen Mirren

  1. OMG, that is disgusting, areolas exposed! How gross! I wonder what Sofia’s grandchildren thought when they saw that. Helen Mirren is gorgeous! Very dignified and sophisticated. Great post!

  2. Fantastic website. A lot of useful information here.
    I am sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thank you on your effort!

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