When You Love A Cat

*If you are not animal friendly or cat friendly, please exit this page.*

“Have you ever loved somebody so much 
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad 
You can’t sleep at night 
Have you ever tried to find the words 
But they don’t come out right 
Have you ever, have you ever” – (Have You Ever performed by Brandy)

Humans- as good as some of us may be, are imperfect. We all have bad tendencies. Some humans are malicious, bitter and vicious. Some gossip and ruin others’ reputations. Some betray those who are close to them. Many “love” with conditions or ulterior motives. There are very few genuinely good people out there and if you find one, it’s like finding a diamond.
I have never known of an animal that has loved with condition. If anything, they ask for a nice home, a comfotable spot to sleep in, regular meals and love from their owners. In return, the owner receives unshakable devotion, love and loyalty. Though each species has different ways of showing love and affection, (dogs and cats) they still show it.


I have been chosen to be honored and privileged with the unconditional love of a cat called Snappy. She is very affectionate. As soon as I come home from work, she happily chirrups and looks at me attentively with her big green curious eyes. She is unquestionably obedient. The way she loves is like no other cat I’ve ever known. The way she curls up with me, the blissful look on her face when I pet her, the way her eyes light up when I talk to her. I have never experienced an attachment this deep with a pet until Snappy came along.


So imagine my shock when she was diagnosed with FeLV (feline leukemia virus) last week during a routine vet visit. I was and still am destoyed. I noticed she has been congested and breathing strangely. I also discovered a lump in her throat. I thought it was an inflamed gland or a tumor that could be removed. However after bloodwork, the vet told me otherwise. He even offered to put her down. But I couldn’t….I just couldn’t.


Snappy at the vet. She was sooo good.

Other than the congested breathing and the swollen lymph nodes, she is a very happy and normally functioning cat. She sleeps, plays, uses the litter box, eats and shows love like any other 2 year old kitty.
To protect the other cats in our house, we put her in my room where she can enjoy her time. I am providing everything I can to ease her and please her. She seems very happy with the attention and has adjusted nicely to the change of atmosphere. Until I see serious “signs” of her health deteriorating and her quality of life waning, I will keep her safe in my room. And no matter what happens or when it happens, I will keep her safe in my heart.


slumber party with Snappy

She is the best cat I’ve ever had. She is my joy. I can’t imagine being without her or saying goodbye to her; I tear up just thinking about it. However, I read that she only has months to live, if she’s well taken care of and everything is just so, up to two years. I can’t even think of it. I know with some time, it will sink in and I will have to come to terms with the gravity of her illness. I’m trying to not think about the death sentence she received but to cherish, relish, appreciate and celebrate every moment of her dear life.


Regardless of unwanted opinions from people, I’m making as many special memories with my beloved little girl as possible. Every moment we’re together, it’s like my mind takes a picture of the moments to store in my heart and mind forever. Trust me, I will treasure them always.


my lil princess


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