THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY: Part III – Timeless Beauty and Why I Love Grace….

In my opinion, she is the most beautiful woman that ever existed. She was the personification of her very own name since she carried herself with grace like no other. She was soft spoken, delicate and charming. She was as beautiful as a princess….and eventually earned that title. She was…..


Grace Kelly

…the eternal Grace Kelly.
Not only was she a natural beauty, she was an inspirational fashionista. She could get away with any look and OWN it. Any time I watch any of her movies, I find myself so captivated by her that I end up losing the storyline! The way she walked; like a ballerina, the way she talked; perfect diction, her mannerisms were so delicate. She just embodied her name.
But there’s one more thing I love about Grace; her look has always been timeless. She embraced her age and knew when it was time for her look to evolve while always remaining beautiful. Here are some examples….enjoy!


Here she was very young, flaunting her slender figure. A model of class. She’s not in a trashy or suggestive pose and she still looks sexy and beautiful.


Still young here, she’s wearing a strapless dress with an amazing necklace. Though the necklace is stunning, you still can’t take your eyes off her. She’s wearing the necklace, the necklace isn’t wearing her. Once again, no provocative poses here, she looks relaxed and ladylike.


Here is Her Serene Highness looking amazing in her royal garb. Very refined.


Grace Kelly a bit older…still off the shoulder gown but with a higher neckline. Notice how she looks classy, elegant, respectable AND sexy/beautiful. Love the earrings!


A bit older Grace again with an off the shoulder gown with an even higher neckline smiling confidently. No age crisis here! Beautiful! She does NOT look sl*tty, she looks amazing.


Judging by the date on the magazine, she was 50 years old. Still looking lovely and sophisticated. She doesn’t look like she’s needy for attention or like she’s trying to prove a point by trying to look young and ridiculous (see part II of this series). She looks like she has embraced her age and took it as an opportunity to discover new ways of looking beautiful.


Here is one of her last pictures. She’s wearing an elegant age-appropriate dress with long strand pearls adorning her. She still looks fabulous. She is the epitome of timeless beauty. Looking through these pictures, the thought “my goodness she aged” never crosses your mind! All you think is “wow she’s older here and still looks amazing!”
Did she dress like she was twenty when she was fifty? Nope. Did she put on the same amount of makeup in her fifties as she did in her twenties? Negative. She embraced her age and adjusted her look accordingly. Did she give up and look like she rolled off the bed? No! She still did her hair, matched her ensembles with jewelry and accessories. Grace Kelly set the tone for timeless beauty. You don’t have to have her face and figure to copy her sterling example. All you have to do is REMEMBER YOUR AGE AND EMBRACE IT, and you too will achieve timeless and effortless beauty and your “sexy” look will evolve and reach higher plains.


Thanks for setting such a fine example of class, beauty, modesty, sexiness and grace, Grace. 🙂


2 thoughts on “THE EVOLUTION OF SEXY: Part III – Timeless Beauty and Why I Love Grace….

  1. This is a great blog and I think it’s very true. The best way to age is to change your look accordingly. “Giving up” shouldn’t be an option. Embracing your age helps you stay fresh and “updated”. You can still wear makeup and striking eye shadow, only more demure and reserved. You can dress age appropriate and still be fashionable and stylish. Hair is another issue. I used to have waist long, wavy hair and my husband loved it, but you can’t very well have waist long hair in your 5o’s, can you? Ooh, another topic! LOL

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