Thank You!!!

I haven’t done my nails in like…forever. Only on special occasions I’d force myself to do them just a solid color, maybe a little glitter, sometimes I wouldn’t even bother doing them.

I don’t know how it happened, but being an astronomy lover, I wondered how to achieve a galaxy effect on nails. So I came across this amazing website (see title) that has very easy tutorials on how to do different designs! For those of us who are visual learners like myself, they have pictures too!

Like anything else, it takes patience and practice but it’s well worth it AND easier than you think! You may mess up your designs in the beginning, but that’s what glitter is for! Glitter covers a multitude of mistakes!Ā  And if glitter doesn’t fix the problem, so what? Either remove the polish or leave ur nails like that and say you meant to do that lol.

Here are my results- the good and the severely flawed lol (keep in mind I took these pics right after doing my nails and hadn’t cleaned up the edges yet)


Galaxy nails. The first time I did this, they came out horrible and I couldn’t even keep the picture because I was so embarrassed. These came out cool though.


This was my first try at leopard nails. I love pink.


My first try at ombre nails. They came out so terrible I had to cover them with glitter, but I did get complimented on them, so I guess they were ok. I wasn’t satisfied with them though.


My second try at leopard nails. This time with a white background with some tan sponged on for a touch of drama to make it look more animal-like.

The next design was inspired by this wristlet:



Snake skin? These are just pink nails with black crackle on top. This pic doesn’t do it justice but it looks like pink snake skin and I LOVE pink snake skin!

My next nail art was inspired by this scarf:


I’ve seen grey/silver leopard everywhere this year so I thought I’d give it a go. And I looooove that ring!


Here’s another blue ombre which was another disaster that I had to cover up with glitter, but the blue hues allowed me to show off my new Paraiba Tourmaline ring. šŸ™‚


Here is yet another desperate attempt at pink ombre which again needed to be glammed up with glitter. I did like how it came out though. The glitter had green, pink and silver flecks making it very colorful, so it was appropriate to wear with this lovely lab created color changing Alexandrite ring. šŸ˜‰


This is a lovely half moon zebra stripe design I did while rocking an Eiffel Tower ring made by yours truly. I’m pretty impressed with this being my first try at zebra stripes.


I still need to master the ombre look….help! :-\

So that’s everything I’ve tried out so far. I love the nail art 101 site. Not only has it taught me how to make my nails look great, but with my nails looking so awesome, I feel more confident and feminine. So thanks nail art 101!!

Here’s to being fabulous!


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