Fun With Nails Again :-)

Every week, I try to redo my nails. I need to do this especially if I’m anxious or stressed because, like making jewelry, doing my nails in funky designs is like a mental escape for me. The more stressed I am, the funkier the design.
So I’d like to share the latest designs, whether epic or failure, that I’ve done.


Butterfly wing nails, with a rose gold morganite ring.


Green hued galaxy nails, with a green crystal cluster ring made by moi.


Pink with black polk a dot  nails, with a kunzite ring, and a button bracelet made by moi.


Pink zebra nails! My toes are stickers, but I hand painted my fingernails to match. Here I’m wearing a simulated pink opal ring.


This time I did butterfly toes and fingers!



My fingernails started chipping, but my butterfly toes still looked good, so I wanted to stay with the nice summery orange theme. So I did orange Ombre nails with reverse Ombre lines on my ring finger. Mom called them Candy Corn Nails!! I liked the name.  🙂

Well, that’s the latest. Like anything else, it has to be your “thing”. I love when people say ” I wish I had time for that.” But these are the same people who spend most of their time on their hair, or baking or at the salon. It’s a question of taste or if you simply have the patience to do it. I wish I could do hair, I’d gladly spend hours on my hair if I knew it would come out right, but hair isn’t my thing. Lol
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!
Here’s to staying fab!  😀


2 thoughts on “Fun With Nails Again :-)

  1. I love everything this talented, gorgeous girl does!! I really love the galaxy nails and fabulous jewelry! Most of all I’d like to say…I wish I had time for that! LOL

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