Radiant Red

Hello my fabs! Since it’s officially fall, I thought I’d paint my nails red with some gold designs for a nice autumn look.
I went to a wedding recently and my friend was nice enough to offer me her Indian jewelry to wear for the occasion. I jumped at the chance since I love Indian jewelry. The jewelry was…you guessed it….gold and red! Sadly, one earring and the necklace pendant lost beads, but they fell from convenient spots and I was able to jazz them up by adding rhinestones without damaging the authenticity of the piece.


Aren’t they just gawgeous?! So I paired the set with a red dress and a side swept pony tail with roses in my hair….but most important, I did my nails to match.
Now I had a dilemma. I didn’t know any Indian designs and I wanted to have an Indian theme going on. So I googled some designs. I hadn’t realized how much paisley is used in Indian designs. It looked easy enough to draw (boy did I eat my words lol).


Here they are right after I finished them. I added dots to random areas to give it a genuine feel. The tear drops from the paisley design turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but I’ve never been great with a pain brush. What I like about nail art is that it really doesn’t have to be perfect..or at least that’s what I tell myself LOL.
Here are some more images of the look.



Gotta love Indian style!  🙂


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