She Left Her Paw Print In Our Hearts


In Loving Memory of Peachy

One spring day eight years ago, a litter was born to an outside cat we called Tiggy. One of the cats, I tried to outsmart. While she and her sisters were eating, I took advantage that she was distracted and I started to pet her. She started purring like a motor immediately! After that, we became good friends and we would let her in our house. We had two cats already, Skinny and Fluffy.





Skinny had a pink toy mouse she was very attached to and Peachy would come into our house, find the toy mouse, and sprint out with it in her mouth! It was hilarious to watch, well, not to Skinny. LOL
Eventually, we took Peachy in as a pet. We spent countless evenings playing in the basement. Peachy could jump up and catch a ball with her paws, then she would pass it back to me. Then, when the fun was over and it was time to sleep, Peachy would take her all her toys and line them up in the corner of the basement. She made me look really bad haha. She had the habit of cuddling up to us, giving us her belly and after a few minutes, she’d nip at us! But Peachy was so endearing, no one could stay mad at her for long.


To officially keep her, we needed to take her to the vet. She got fixed and had bloodwork done. Sadly, the bloodwork revealed that Peachy had FIV. We were all so sad to find that out. However, we did everything we could to make her enjoy her life.
Peachy gained a queen status in our house, with a sort of immunity, getting away with her antics.



Peachy had the funniest yawn. She would open her mouth and her eyes so wide, it would look so cute.
After I got married and later divorced, Peachy never really fully forgave me for leaving her. Her favorite person from then on became my father. She wouldn’t let anyone else carry her and when she was in his arms, she had a look of bliss on her face. They developed a very close and special connection that lasted her whole life.


Peachy loved her daddy

My dad had a briefcase and she would go right over to it and hone her nails on it leaving unsightly scratch marks. We would threaten her, “we’re telling daddy!” and she would look at us with a defiant stare. After dad came home we would tell him, and he would laugh and say “that’s the Peachy!” So she got away with everything and knew it…we knew it too.  🙂
Peachy was always a nosy cat. She loved listening to my mom and myself talk. She always wanted to know the latest gossip. When we would whisper, she would bring her head up and try to listen…she was so cute. Peachy always had to be at the center of things.


One day we bought Peachy a toy cat called Cameo. My mom would make a meow sound while she made the toy move and Peachy would bite and beat up Cameo. Then when she got tired, she would groom Cameo and take a nap with him.


She also had a disturbing obsession with feet; my dad’s in particular. She would snuggle up to his flip flops and fall asleep on them.


With time, Peachy began to slow down a little and she took to hanging out in the bathroom. With her tannish orange fur, she camouflaged with the tan rug in the bathroom. We would enter the bathroom with caution so as not to step on her.


Other times, we’d find her on the bathroom window. Sometimes she would look sad but seem fine.


One thing I loved was how proper she was. She would sit up like a queen with her paws lined up and her tail wrapped perfectly around her paws.


With time, Peachy’s gums and teeth started to hurt and she would panic when she would eat. My father had her teeth taken out earlier this year. The vets were always impressed with her behavior.


The day she got her teeth out

We saw some improvement, but within a few months, the inevitable began to happen, the FIV began to take over and shut down her organs.
She began to hide in odd places; in closets, behind the toilet, under the bed. My mom became her caretaker; mushing her food and later blending it into a puree. The ten pound Peachy that would body slam our other cats to steal their treats was losing interest in food and water.
We knew she was suffering and my father made the difficult decision of asking the vet to put her to sleep. Our vet makes house calls and we didn’t want to stress Peachy, so we asked him to come over that same day, Monday, September 23. Unfortunately, our vet couldn’t make it then and offered to come and put her to sleep the next day at 10 am. My dad reluctantly agreed, since he wanted to end her suffering.
I remember Peachy actually looked at me that day. She hadn’t looked at me in what felt like months…but she looked at me. I can’t tell you what that meant to me.
Sadly, the next morning, Tuesday, September 24, 2013, at 5am, my mom woke me up to tell me that our beloved Peachy had just passed away on her own. I went downstairs to see her and say my goodbyes. It was gut wrenching to see what was once a beautiful, chubby, audacious, playful, loving, intelligent cat, lifeless. Her expression told me that she fought to live and was exhausted. My dad stayed the whole night with her. Mixed with feelings of grief and relief, my parents went to lay her to rest. My mom made a beautiful box for her to rest in.
It has been horrible to come home and find that there’s no Peachy there. I always close my storm door quickly because Peachy used to run out of the house sometimes. Now I grab the storm door and I remember….Peachy isn’t going to run out. I go into the bathroom carefully and I remember, Peachy isn’t here. I look at the bathroom window and Peachy isn’t there. She isn’t there adorning my dad’s flip flops. She isn’t there doing things to make us laugh. There’s a hole in our hearts now. We wanted to end her suffering and we did ask the vet to. We just hate playing God, but she did go five hours before she was supposed to be put to sleep, so I guess our decision for euthanasia was right.
We still beat ourselves up though with endless unanswered questions of what we could have done better, but I refuse to dampen my beautiful memories of her with doubt. She lived and loved for eight glorious years. Years of smiles and laughs that she brought into our lives and hearts. She will always be the funny, crazy cat who would steal toys and treats, who would play catch with me, who would take naps on my dad or his flip flops, who would sit up tall with her paws lined up properly, who had a beautiful and elegant presence and who was loved deeply by her family. Now she is resting peacefully in a place where she feels no pain and as much as it hurts us to not have her here, she’s no longer suffering, and that’s what matters most.

Beloved Peachy, you will be dearly missed. You brightened up our lives for eight years, now it’s time for you to rest in peace. We’ll always love you.



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